Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

Welcome Dr. Trevor Olson, PSY.D

Medclaims Welcomes Dr. Trevor Olson and the entire staff at Learning To Be Human to our family of clients. … [Read more...]

Does Sugar Cause Inflammation in the Body?

Source: Healthline. "During injury or infection, the body releases chemicals to help protect it and fight off any harmful organisms. " Read more. … [Read more...]

New insurance guidelines would undermine rules of the Affordable Care Act

Source: The Washington Post. The Trump administration is urging states to tear down pillars of the Affordable Care Act. Click HERE for details. … [Read more...]

ObamaCare mandate says goodbye in 2019, as health law faces new threat

Source: Fox News. The Affordable Care Act will lose its teeth in 2019, as the penalty for not buying insurance disappears . Click HERE for details. … [Read more...]

Coordinating HSA contributions with Medicare

Source: The most recent semi-annual HSA Survey conducted by Devenir shows that health savings accounts continue to gain in popularity among American workers. Click HERE for details. … [Read more...]

Private Medicare Plans

Source: KHN Morning Briefing. Administration Officials Deny Steering Patients Toward Private Medicare Plans, But Emails Tell A Different Story. Click HERE for details. … [Read more...]

Medicare MIPS Participation Status

Providers and Medical Facilities: To find out your Medicare MIPS participation status, click here. … [Read more...]

Medicare – Quality Payment Program

In 2017, Medicare implemented the Merit-based Incentive Payment Program - MIPS.  The deadline to report 2017 measures is February 28, 2018. If at least one "test measure" is reported for this period, practices will not incur rates reductions in 2019. For the 2018 reporting period, practices must report at least six measures, including one … [Read more...]

Medicare Secondary Payer-MSP

"The Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) process may pay secondary benefits..."  Read More. … [Read more...]

Modifier KX

"Use of the KX modifier indicates..." Read More. … [Read more...]