Once an authorization for your requested service(s) is received by TriWest Healthcare Alliance, please do not send in another request containing the same diagnosis and CPT/HCPCS codes. If you need to add additional services later, you should submit an additional authorization request listing only the additional services. This helps expedite authorization for all services. Otherwise, if the new request is submitted with previously submitted codes with the same diagnosis, it will be automatically rejected as a duplicate.

In order to get the quickest response possible, submit your referral and authorization requests through the secure provider website at Most requests can be processed immediately when submitted online.

If you’re not registered for the secure provider website at, you can’t take advantage of this and the many other features that registered users enjoy 24/7/365. Set up an account on to:

  • Verify patient eligibility
  • Research covered benefits and check referral/authorization and medical review requirements for specific codes
  • Submit referrals/authorizations online and check their status regardless of how the request was submitted
  • Submit claims online and check claim status regardless of how the claim was submitted
  • Download remittance advices
  • Download claims status reports
  • Submit corrected claims
  • Submit claims correspondence/Webmail