What we have gone through over the years have certainly had our ups and downs – mostly downs. Making the decision to move the billing to another billing service, I must say, was probably the biggest decision that I have ever had to make for Linda’s practice.

Let me tell you, there is a lot better out there. I interviewed several as well as considered bring it in house. I wanted a smaller company that could handle my needs and I wanted to be able to deal with the people that were in the trenches daily that had a vested interest in my receivables. I think that I found that in Medclaims, the company that we eventually went with.

As soon as I gave the previous billing service my 90 day notice, Luis began changing the direction of all EOB’s so from that point on we were able to have first hand oversight of what the previous service had, and had not, been processing. It was very interesting to have Luis be able to intercept those EOB’s before they went to them and just got adjusted off for improper billing. I would venture to say that during this period we were able to see every mistake that could possibly be made, was made and we were the ones suffering for it.

If “the proof is in the pudding” then I am more than pleased to say that the past two months have been our best two months of the past year. While I feared our transition, I must tell you that it was a breeze. Luis told me that he would take care of everything and not to worry, but I never believed him. I kept waiting for the BIG crash, but it never came. All of our claims are going out every day now and if I have a question about anything, I have one person that can answer every question. No more shuffling around for someone to blame. That crap is over. Luis, Sofia and there team take care of me and have the answers. If I don’t get paid and can’t pay my rent, they can’t either and I like being in that position.



I wanted to express my appreciation to your staff at Medclaims. I was the sole biller for my husband’s podiatry practice for almost 20 years, but with all the new changes in the claim forms, and eventually the switch to ICD10, I started asking our friends who they use to handle their billing. Medclaims name came up a few times, and I immediately contacted them. Luis and Sofia were fabulous from the moment I spoke to them. I picked a date to transfer everything over from my computer system to theirs — they made that transition easy and seamless! I will forever be grateful to Joni, who was assigned to us. She is patient and answers all of my many questions! Plus, as a bonus, she knew way more about the billing codes and their many intricacies than I ever did! They are definitely up on all things current in the billing world! Did I mention they get paid so fast, keeping our cash flow going? If there are any problems, Joni totally takes care of them to get us the payment we expect!

It’s almost been a year now, and my only wish is I would have done it sooner!!

There isn’t a time I can’t contact any of them to see what’s up and immediately receive an answer!

THANKS to all at Medclaims! I highly recommend them to anyone!



Medclaims have been very helpful in jump starting my new practice. They
were kind enough to complete most of my Credentialing.

They are hardworking, & always provides prompt feedback. My patient
have also been happy with them.

I highly recommend their services.



My experience with MedClaims began nearly 10 years ago, while I worked as a doctor for my previous employer. I’ve been rather impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism throughout. For this reason, I hired MedClaims for myself when I started my own corporation. Luis in particular went the extra mile to make me feel like a valued client. Luis guided me throughout the entire insurance acquisition process and helped with issues that would inevitably arise along the way. Should I have any concerns at all, MedClaims would address them in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wishes to be treated respectfully, and their business paramount. I have referred MedClaims to several of my colleagues throughout the years, and they too have sung their praises. Very happy with them overall and appreciate the working relationship we’ve cultivated.

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