Dear Doctor: I am writing to express our gratitude for how you have treated my mother in regards to both her medical condition and financial constraints. My mother holds you in the highest regard for not only your surgical skill, but also your concern for her as a person. The words thank you seem inadequate, however, they are all we can offer along with our respect and admiration.

Another person who exemplifies professionalism and concern, the two characteristics you are so well acquainted with, is Sophia. I would like to commend you for choosing her to represent your office. She is the consummate professional, yet she has not forgotten that patients are people.”

Since I have taken over dealing with the financial aspects of my mother’s medical care, I have dealt with a great many people wishing to satisfy their accounts. Among those, Sophia has been by far the most efficient and courteous. When she says she will do something, it gets done. When she has spoken with me, it is not with the disdain I have encountered in many other instances. In addition to those qualities, she has demonstrated an ongoing concern for my mother, not simply in regards to financial matters, but also in regards to her health and recovery. Thank you for employing someone of such high caliber who epitomizes your own approach to patients.