Medclaims has been handling my billing for several years. Prior to contracting Medclaims, billing was a literal nightmare. My aging receivables were out of control and insurance rejections were numerous, despite substantial investments in billing software as well as billing staff.

From day one, Medclaims personnel rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Initially, they tackled all of my software and billing-process related problems, and aggressively attacked the ever-growing aging receivables. They did this while dealing with current billing workload. Soon thereafter, Medclaims had my billing process, cash-flow and aging receivables under total control. A fact that remains true to the present.

In addition to billing related matters, I must add that Medclaims’ management has frequently helped me with other areas of my practice, such as personnel and work-flow improvements, just to name two.

Medclaims’ owners and employees are knowledgeable, hardworking and honest. I fully trust Medclaims with my billing because I know that they will do what is right for my practice.

With a clear and peaceful conscience, I recommend Medclaims to any practice that wants to achieve real results from their billing process.