I have partnered with Medclaims billing service since 11/08, during which time they have provided my Medical Practice with excellent support, service, and advice. Although they are experts in the areas of medical billing, they have also promptly contributed with many helpful suggestions with documentation, contracting, and employee issues. Their work has been a major factor in our office's success, helping it to survive and flourish in this difficult economy. I can confidently recommend Medclaims billing service as a solid and reliable company, and experts in their field.

Southern California Endocrinologist


Medclaims has been handling my billing for over one year. Since they took it over, cash flow and outstanding receivables have substantially improved. Medclaims personnel and management are knowledgeable, honest, professional and easy to work with. They are always available to answer questions and help out with special request, such as creating practice specific reports. Medclaims has been a tremendous resource to my practice. I am very glad I selected Medclaims to manage our billing.

Northern California Internist


After being in private practice for more than 20 years and doing in-house billing, I never imagined that I could trust a billing company to be as concerned with collecting and working the AR as much as I was. Their follow-through in working aged accounts has separated them from the pack. I judge an independent contractor by whether there are issues which need my constant attention. This has not been the case with Medclaims Billing Services. They have kept me in touch with the important matters, but have not relied on me to micromanage their work. I would recommend them without reservations.

Southern California Podiatrist


Medclaims has been handling my billing for several years. Prior to contracting Medclaims, billing was a literal nightmare. My aging receivables were out of control and insurance rejections were numerous, despite substantial investments in billing software as well as billing staff. From day one, Medclaims personnel rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Initially, they tackled all of my software and billing-process related problems, and aggressively attacked the ever-growing aging receivables. They did this while dealing with current billing workload. Soon thereafter, Medclaims had my billing process, cash-flow and aging receivables under total control. A fact that remains true to the present. In addition to billing related matters, I must add that Medclaims’ management has frequently helped me with other areas of my practice, such as personnel and work-flow improvements, just to name two. Medclaims’ owners and employees are knowledgeable, hardworking and honest. I fully trust Medclaims with my billing because I know that they will do what is right for my practice. With a clear and peaceful conscience, I recommend Medclaims to any practice that wants to achieve real results from their billing process.

Southern California Internist


Tri-City Surgery Center has had the pleasure of using MedClaims Billing Service for many years. They came highly recommended by one of the surgeons who uses the surgery center. We have been thoroughly impressed with the excellent services we have received from MedClaims billing service. Always professional, friendly and available. If you have a concern regarding 'Cash Flow' I would highly recommend the dynamic duo team of Luis and Sofia Reyes.

Mrs. Ellie Seyler


Dear Doctor: I am writing to express our gratitude for how you have treated my mother in regards to both her medical condition and financial constraints. My mother holds you in the highest regard for not only your surgical skill, but also your concern for her as a person. The words thank you seem inadequate, however, they are all we can offer along with our respect and admiration. Another person who exemplifies professionalism and concern, the two characteristics you are so well acquainted with, is Sophia. I would like to commend you for choosing her to represent your office. She is the consummate professional, yet she has not forgotten that patients are people." Since I have taken over dealing with the financial aspects of my mother's medical care, I have dealt with a great many people wishing to satisfy their accounts. Among those, Sophia has been by far the most efficient and courteous. When she says she will do something, it gets done. When she has spoken with me, it is not with the disdain I have encountered in many other instances. In addition to those qualities, she has demonstrated an ongoing concern for my mother, not simply in regards to financial matters, but also in regards to her health and recovery. Thank you for employing someone of such high caliber who epitomizes your own approach to patients.

Costa Mesa Patient


Dear Sofia: My most sincere thanks for your very expert and kind help in resolving our billing problem with the imaging center. Your phone time and effort are greatly appreciated and certainly eased my husband's concerns. Blessings to you and your family at this Thanksgiving time. We are thankful for the doctor's friends and employees.

Orange County Patient


I open my office 1 year ago after leaving a large group practice. Medclaims was absolutely essential in assisting me in the transition. They started processing my claims immediately and to date I have not had a single complain and my account receivables have never looked so good. They have years of experience in office management and have made themselves available on countless occasions to assist me and my staff with questions related not only to billing but to running my practice and my office. I would highly recommend Medclaims billing to my colleagues.

Southern California Internist


I would highly recommend Medclaims. They are very honest and professional. I commend them for the hard work and dedication that they provide to our business. The staff is very responsive to all of our needs.

Southern California Podiatrist


I have been working with Medclaims for one year. I could not expect more from a billing service. They have been handling the office claims very effectively, and their help and counseling in the process of starting a new practice has been a very important added value to my practice. Thank you, Medclaims.

Southern California Internist


I am the Administrator for an outpatient surgery center in Escondido and we've worked with Medclaims for over a year now. I can truly say that Luis and Sofia are 2 of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to insurance billing and reimbursement. They've helped answer many of our questions and they are always available whenever we need to talk to them. I recommend Medclaims to anyone looking for an honest and able medical biller.

Mr. Rick Mauricio
Scripps Ranch Dermatology


I am very pleased with the billing services from MedClaims. Coming from a previous practice that was not as thorough with their billing practices, I have experienced what can happen if billing is not handled properly. Ever since I opened my doors at my new location I have trusted MedClaims to handle my billing promptly and efficiently and I appreciate the peace of mind I have knowing all my billing needs are handled with the utmost attention and care.

Southern California Internist


I've been working with Medclaims since I began in private practice four years ago. Medclaims is always prompt in their billing and in their customer service. Whenever I have a question, I usually hear back from Medclaims the same day. I also find their prices quite reasonable. In general, Medclaims allows me to spend more time with my clients, and less time chasing billing issues. Thank you Medclaims!

Alabama Psychologist


Medclaims, medical billing has helped me dramatically with the start up of my practice. Sofia helped me in the right direction with paperwork. She has been a great resource and help. I would recommend their services to other thriving practices.

Southern California Internist


To whom it may concern: I have been using Medclaims for one year and I would like to say that I have never had a billing service with such recovery of funds, persistence and professionalism. Sofia and Luis have such integrity, and I trust each decision they make. Follow-up on claims is essential in the billing business, and Sofia is a hawk, with the temperament of a dove. Not one thing skips her expert eyes. We will continue our professional relationship with Medclaims for many years to come.

Southern California Surgeon


My practice began its association with Medclaims in January 2002 and since that time my receivables have significantly increased and collection problems have decreased. Medclaims' solid knowledge of health care billing became immediately evident. They are always available for questions from myself, my staff and even my patients and are willing to track down any information that they do not readily have. Medclaims processes claims electronically and follows up with all patient and carrier issues, freeing my staff to deal with other matters of running an office. I recommend Medclaims to any practice without hesitation.

Southern California Ophthalmologist


I signed Medclaims in early 2001. The company principles have been in the Health Care and Business Consulting industries for over 20 years, and Medclaims processes claims both electronically and on paper. Of outmost important to me, Medclaims follows up on all patient and carrier related issues, which is an area of tremendous value to my practice. In addition, their billing software edits each HCFA form for data errors and omissions, resulting in very few carrier rejections. Recently, I have also contracted Medclaims to evaluate the practice and make recommendations for improvements. They were on-site for two days and subsequently produced a detailed document outlining the areas needing improvements, as well as supporting recommendations, which we are currently implementing. Over all my cash flow is increased and the billing process is running very smoothly, and the practice is operating more efficiently. Most importantly, the people I deal with are honest and hardworking, and they have kept their word on all promises and have been flexible in meeting our needs."

Southern California Surgeon


I contracted Medclaims based on a colleague's recommendation. Displaying good work ethics, client commitment and flexibility, Medclaims manages all aspects of the billing process, from collecting all claim data, HCFA form editing, electronic and paper claim submission and patient billing to all follow-ups. Proactive and aggressively, Medclaims also appeals claims that are unfairly paid by carriers. In addition, I can always count on Medclaims when I have any health care (not just billing) related question. They are always willing to help. Medclaims solid knowledge of the Health Care industry and, specifically, the billing process became immediately evident. Medclaims has been a valuable partner to my practice, adding substantial and measurable value.

Southern California Surgeon


Since partnering with Medclaims, I have experienced a substantial cash flow improvement in my practice. Medclaims processes claims electronically on a weekly basis, resulting on checks also coming in weekly. Medclaims also follows up with all patients and carrier issues. Therefore, my staff and I can focus on what we love to do: Help our patients! My staff and I recommend Medclaims to any practice without hesitation!

Southern California Surgeon


Medclaims has been doing my billing since January 2010. They were very helpful and instrumental in the transition from the previous billing service, and collected the majority of the money that was still outstanding from that service. Medclaims remains committed to professionalism and their collection rate is outstanding. They are also effective communicators, providing me with both the verbal as well as written reports assistance that I need in order to effectively manage the billing issues in my office. Medclaims is a hands on service and I am comfortable knowing that they will be there for me. Medclaims has my highest recommendation as an outstanding medical billing service.

Southern California Surgeon


What we have gone through over the years have certainly had our ups and downs - mostly downs. Making the decision to move the billing to another billing service, I must say, was probably the biggest decision that I have ever had to make for Linda's practice. Let me tell you, there is a lot better out there. I interviewed several as well as considered bring it in house. I wanted a smaller company that could handle my needs and I wanted to be able to deal with the people that were in the trenches daily that had a vested interest in my receivables. I think that I found that in Medclaims, the company that we eventually went with. As soon as I gave the previous billing service my 90 day notice, Luis began changing the direction of all EOB's so from that point on we were able to have first hand oversight of what the previous service had, and had not, been processing. It was very interesting to have Luis be able to intercept those EOB's before they went to them and just got adjusted off for improper billing. I would venture to say that during this period we were able to see every mistake that could possibly be made, was made and we were the ones suffering for it. If "the proof is in the pudding" then I am more than pleased to say that the past two months have been our best two months of the past year. While I feared our transition, I must tell you that it was a breeze. Luis told me that he would take care of everything and not to worry, but I never believed him. I kept waiting for the BIG crash, but it never came. All of our claims are going out every day now and if I have a question about anything, I have one person that can answer every question. No more shuffling around for someone to blame. That crap is over. Luis, Sofia and there team take care of me and have the answers. If I don't get paid and can't pay my rent, they can't either and I like being in that position.

Southern California Internist


I wanted to express my appreciation to your staff at Medclaims. I was the sole biller for my husband's podiatry practice for almost 20 years, but with all the new changes in the claim forms, and eventually the switch to ICD10, I started asking our friends who they use to handle their billing. Medclaims name came up a few times, and I immediately contacted them. Luis and Sofia were fabulous from the moment I spoke to them. I picked a date to transfer everything over from my computer system to theirs -- they made that transition easy and seamless! I will forever be grateful to Joni, who was assigned to us. She is patient and answers all of my many questions! Plus, as a bonus, she knew way more about the billing codes and their many intricacies than I ever did! They are definitely up on all things current in the billing world! Did I mention they get paid so fast, keeping our cash flow going? If there are any problems, Joni totally takes care of them to get us the payment we expect! It's almost been a year now, and my only wish is I would have done it sooner!! There isn't a time I can't contact any of them to see what's up and immediately receive an answer! THANKS to all at Medclaims! I highly recommend them to anyone!

Janine Manchel
Southern California Podiatrist


Medclaims have been very helpful in jump starting my new practice. They were kind enough to complete most of my Credentialing. They are hardworking, & always provides prompt feedback. My patient have also been happy with them. I highly recommend their services.

Southern California Podiatrist


My experience with MedClaims began nearly 10 years ago, while I worked as a doctor for my previous employer. I've been rather impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism throughout. For this reason, I hired MedClaims for myself when I started my own corporation. Luis in particular went the extra mile to make me feel like a valued client. Luis guided me throughout the entire insurance acquisition process and helped with issues that would inevitably arise along the way. Should I have any concerns at all, MedClaims would address them in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wishes to be treated respectfully, and their business paramount. I have referred MedClaims to several of my colleagues throughout the years, and they too have sung their praises. Very happy with them overall and appreciate the working relationship we've cultivated.

Southern California Psychologist