The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has already changed many things. Federal medical loss ratio requirements become enforceable for the first time this year, and both insurers and employers begin paying an annual fee that will help fund patient-centered outcomes research. Based on provisions that took effect previously, plans must cover dependent children up to age 26. There are no lifetime dollar limits on “essential” health benefits, and only certain annual dollar limits on “essential” health benefits unless the plan received a temporary government waiver from this requirement.

Despite the questions raised by the U.S. Supreme Court case on the constitutionality of the ACA, Aetna remains focused on fostering compliance with ACA provisions that take effect in 2012 and preparing for provisions that take effect next year and beyond. We also remain committed to helping you understand what the impact could be on you and your plan(s).To better illustrate how the law may impact you this year, we have added a new page to our Health Reform Connection website concerning newly implemented provisions of the law. 

It is impossible to predict at this point how the Supreme Court will rule and whether the law will change. The ACA is the law, and we are prepared and ready to meet new requirements as they become effective. If the law does change, we remain committed to keeping you informed of any new developments and related next steps.

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Source: Aetna CustomerLink, May, 2012